Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The boat is a swamp - but a clean one.

Hello fabulous followers, a long and wet couple of days. Wellington gave us it's normal welcome party - 50 knots, Napier is giving us more gentle arrival party, ie nothing with rain. The boat is a little damp below, not too bad as there is still a dry spot on the floor to sleep, but our very trendy phone cable is once again water logged, so mobile phone comms are on hold. Rob spent half hour cleaning the galley this morning, and I have just cleaned to loo and packed the kites.

Southerly 35 knots is expected today, it is at Castlepoint only 80nm away. It has not reached the back markers of the fleet yet, but it will and they will race towards us. We are in variable 0-12 knots, close along Gale Force. We had a good night and got away from Sniper and Kick. But the cards are about the be dealt again, so you will see the hand we are given at the finish.


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