Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Coppelia back on the air !

Rob can testify on his arrival the number of things I have lost or put down in the last 24 hours as my mind as been consumed with our nav PC not working. Our nav PC and Expedition are the heart of crew partnership common ground. A space where we can discuss facts, such as the actual change in true wind direction by looking at the strip chart, rather than a he said, she said conversation. But what we need is data and for the last 27 hours we have had to down load everything else where, then USB stick on to the PC, which would be fine except the USB for the nav PC is pretty difficult to access. But just minutes ago success, by carefully going through all the settings I realized that our PC was trying to connect to the barometer to access the Iridium Satellite network! What makes this doubly strange is we used this same setup for the RNZ and I have also used it in my Southern Ocean adventures. You would not believe the things that happen at sea .

On the sailing front, we are in light SE ... See Nick Olsen the old school look at the pressure charts does work for forecasting, we just need a faster boat to get there.



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