Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The West Coast part 1.

After a great start, and sail across Great Exhibition Bay, we rounded Cape Reinga in the company of Sniper, Gale Force and Atamai. As many of you aware our performance on the West Coast has never been our strong point. Last year in the RNZ we did better than previous, but still in weighs heavily on our minds. The Tasman Sea greeted us with a very steep and nasty sea, as the south moving current, and wind from the south pushed up the swell. Luckily nothing brokenover the tops us, and unlike previously we had enough wind to ensure we were not swept into banks.

We tacked on starboard around 10am. Maybe a bit late, but we remain cautious of being too close to the land here. Full main, no 2. currently lifted on starboard. Beef roast care of Back Country Cuisine for breakfast, it is still lumpy and I have a major rebuild on our nav PC. Thanks goodness for the girly rose gold laptop which is our spare.



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