Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Leg 2 day 3 morning SITREP

Things we are currently grateful on the Coppelia:

1) Our decision to stay close to the rhumbline has worked out OK. Those who pushed further west have done well, but luckily we have not ended up too far behind.

2) Our SSB is working again. A very minor crimp issue with the new antenna was sorted yesterday and we are back on the air.

3) Steve Ashley who is bringing us a new pump for the toilet. Thankfully the situation with current pump is not too grim - ie it can still be used, but needs to be looked after.

4) Dry sleeping - yip we have both enjoyed many hours of shut eye in the past 24 hours that has been in dry clothes, something that may not be so common at the end of the week.

5) You guys - our followers, it amazes both Rob and I that anyone is watching.

Plan for today, toasted cheese sandwiches, coffee and a catch, before assessing the weather data and deciding where to go. A quick glance of the horizon revealed Katana is still to leeward.


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