Saturday, February 23, 2019

interesting weather

Yesterday we did more sail changes before breakfast than on the rest of the leg in total.

We gybed late on the evening of the 21st and headed to sea under zero, the wind increased and we went to the JT, ten though a front on to the #3, then # 1 and finally the make the set complete the # 2 as the wind started to increase. And so did the waves with giant lumps of cold Southern Ocean water at least 5 m tall roll through the course and make life a little unbalanced,.

Another front with rain in the early hours of the 22nd, where Sally was on deck in the pouring rain and 30 knts. The back ground wind speed continued to increase until we went to #3. We all thought of how long it would be on the wind at this speed.

THEN, the wind left. Just evaporated and we have spent the last 3 hours with Katana at the mercy of the waves. Finally we are out of it sailing down the line directly to Puysegur in a wind direction which is not in any forecast. Downstairs it feels like running with a bad driver as we roll along.

So Sara
- we did our best, got around the light on left, crossed the fleet to get to the next shift, UNDERLAID the mark, but unlike our Tuesday night where the layline is 400m ours is 200nm and weather seems to have decided it is not layline time.


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