Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Testing times and a visit from a butterfly.

The last 24 hours have been hard, luckily we have kept our cool but that is all the positive news I have.

The western track clearly is not paying. And while the models show a huge patch of light of winds offshore our competitors continue to sail on at 8 knots towards the mark, with only Arbitare of late being slowed down.

We sailed yesterday in a Canterbury sea breeze and then transitioned into a the gradient westerly before dark, this built to 25 knots and we had fast down wind running. It then left, without a good bye, leaving us a sloppy sea way and no wind. We have had our main down for 4 hours, both of us taking a very uncomfortable sleep.

Rob this morning found a visiting butterfly in the cockpit and after we both looked at her beauty the wind returned. Currently doing 4 knots speed of the ground at the mark.



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